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Explore the Charm of Yoga With Our 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh


If you are on a short vacation and want to explore the true meaning of Yoga from the Yoga capital of the world, 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program offered by Adi Yogpeeth is the best option out here. We have a vibrant atmosphere with a tranquil environment surrounded by the natural beauty of Rishikesh to offer you a real-feel of the power of Yoga in this short-term YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) program.

Whether you are a first time learner or an experienced Yoga Practitioner,this program will offer you a completely different perspective with its scope of learning.This Yoga Teacher Training Program can become your foundation for a career in yoga when you plan to do so at your respective locations.

We will offer you a vividly designed yoga teacher training program which can open up many new prospects for you for a chosen path of yoga.

Why Adi Yogpeeth for a 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program?

With its rich history of teaching and training people in yoga while guiding them to excel in this ancient wisdom, Adi Yogpeeth has earned reputation of being one of the best yoga school in Rishikesh. Reckoned with prestigious training institutes under highest certified bodies, Adi Yogpeeth is among those very few institutions, which offers you pure hatha, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga directly transcended from Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Our gracious ambience with a complete sattvic atmosphere offers you a different feel when you join this residential program at our yoga school. With focused peer-group and vividly spectacular teaching methodologies, you are assured of receiving the best teachings from eminent masters and yoga trainers from our yoga school. Along with the structured curriculum, we also offer you diverse outlook on yoga, its practices and its procedures along with its effects when you stay with us for your 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh, India.

Depending upon your preference and choice our yoga school offer you 100 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 100 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and 100 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. You can choose your own discipline or learn them altogether when you join any of our residential course conducted throughout the year. With a wider scope, this 100 hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh India can be your foundation for a successful career in Yoga teaching.


The subjects covered under our 100 hours Yoga TTC in India

Our 100 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh covers everything in compact form from the very basic aspects of yoga to its philosophy, concepts and effects on your mind and body. We teach yoga asanas, pranayama, various mudra, bandha and yoga postures. We also offer importance on the rhythmic flow of breath and breathing control. With a comprehensive course you are assured of getting yourself familiar with the power of yoga with its multiple benefits for a healthier body and calming mind. Join today to explore the best of 100 hours Yoga TTC in India with us at our Ashram in Rishikesh. You will feel the difference which is beyond the explanation!

Course Overview

Mantra Chanting--Peaceful Positive Energy

The purpose of mantra chanting in yoga is to generate vibrations and connect with the universe. Each mantra is special and rich with spiritual energy.

  • Aum Namah Shivaya
  • Aum Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu
  • Aum Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Aum Brahmarpanam
  • Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudevo maheshwara ( Guru stotram)
  • Yogena Cittasya ( Sloka on sage Patanjali)
Yoga Postures (Asana)

Students will gain extensive knowledge on yoga postures and will increase their strength, flexibility and discipline at Adi Yogpeeth Rishikesh India.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Course Syllabus

Surya Namaskar A

Surya Namaskar b

Asanas for Beginners:
  • Padangusthasana
  • Padahasthasana
  • Utthita Trikonasana
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana
  • Parivrtta Parsvakonasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana A B C & D
  • Parsvottanasana
  • Eka Pada Padangusthasana A B C & D
  • Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Virabhadrasana A & B
  • Dandasana
  • Paschimottanasana A B C & D
  • Purvattanasana
  • Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana
  • Triang Mukaikapada Pashimottanasana
  • Janu Sirsasana A B & C
  • Marichyasana A B C &
  • Navasana
Hatha Yoga Course Syllabus
The word haṭha literally means "force" and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques. In India hatha yoga is associated in popular tradition.
  • Alignment, Assist and Adjustment
  • Surya namaskar (sun salutation)
  • Chandra namaskar (moon salutation)
  • Bharadvajasana
  • Lolasana – swinging pose
  • Kukkutasana – rooster pose
  • Sarpasana – snake pose
  • Shalabhasana – locust pose
  • Dhanurasana – bow pose
  • Paschimottanasana – seated forward bend
  • Janu sirshasana – head to knee pose
  • Parivirta janu sirshasana – revolving head to knee pose
  • Sarvangasana – shoulder stand
  • Padam sarvangasana – shoulder stand lotus pose
  • Sirshasana- Headstand
  • Natarajasana – lord shiva’s pose
  • Utthita hasta padangusthasana
  • Naukasana –Boat pose
Pranayama (Breathing Practices)
Pranayama is an ancient yogic breathing technique that is used as preparation for meditation and is a vital aspect of practicing yoga. It improves the respiratory system and purifies the body and mind.
  • Introduction of Pranayama
  • Benefits of Pranayama
  • General Guidance For the Practitioner
  • Ujjayi Breath
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Kapalbhati
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
  • Bhramari Pranayama
Mudra (Yoga Gestures)
The practice of Mudra hand gestures is an ancient facet of yoga. Performing gestures effects the energy flow of the body and can change a person's spiritual and mental characteristics.
  • 1- Introduction of Mudras
  • 2- Jnana & Chin mudra
  • 3- Yoni mudra
  • 4- Bhairava mudra
Bandhas (Energy Lock)
The practice of Bandhas expands the lung capacity and breathing capabilities during yoga. It also strengthens the entire body from the inside out.
  • 1-Introduction to bandha
  • 2-Jalandhara bandha
  • 3-Moola bandha
Meditation (Dhyana)
Meditation is a systematic practice that promotes physical, mental and emotional tranquility with the purpose of reaching Samadhi (self-realization).
  • Introduction of Meditation
  • Origion & history of Meditation
  • Breath awarness Meditation
  • AUM chanting Meditation
  • Trataka Meditation
  • Dynamic Meditation
Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep)
When a yoga practitioner moves through the various internal states of Yoga Nidra, a profound experience of relaxation occurs. This is called "Turiya," a sensation of pure bliss.
  • Basic Relaxation
  • Tension Relaxation
  • Full Body Relaxation
Yoga Cleansing (Shatkarma)
Yogic cleansing exercises are important to learn how to incorporate your breath and meditate properly during physical aspects of yoga. It also removes the blockages in the energy channels.
  • Jalaneti Satkarma (Nasal cleansing with salty water)
  • Rubber neti (Nasal cleansing with a rubber string)
  • Agnisar Kriya
Anatomy and Physiology (Sharir Vijnan)
Proper understanding of the physical body will help to prevent injury before, during and after practice. There are two kinds of yoga anatomy: physical and spiritual. Understanding both types is needed.
  • Body Planes
  • Joints
  • Anatomical Movements
  • Muscle & Posture
  • Yoga & Posture
  • Muscular System
  • Spine
  • Deformities of the spine
  • Pelvic Region
  • The Human Knee
  • Tendon & Ligaments
  • Rhomboids minor & major
  • Supraspinatus Muscle
  • Infraspinatus Muscle
Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Darshana)
Yoga Philosophy is the foundation of our yoga practice and is the key to earn yogic strength. Through the path of Vedanta Philosophy, you will establish a solid, well-rounded yoga practice.
  • Sanatana Dharma
  • Vedas
  • Puranas
  • The Four Goals of Life
  • The Four Stage of Life
  • The Vedic System of Duties
  • The Six System of Indian Philosophy
  • Patanjali’s Yog Sutras
  • Citta Vritti
  • Afflictions of the mind
Teaching Practice (Adhyapanam)
Students will take turns practicing their teaching skills by performing in front of their peers and teachers.
  • Demonstration
  • Alignment
  • Instructions
Teaching Methodology
A yoga teacher should efficiently perform the practical applications of class planning and preparation. At Adi Yogpeeth, our students will learn how to create a positive and peaceful class environment for an enjoyable and transformative experience.
  • Positive & conscious communication.
  • Friendship and trust.
  • Time management
  • Qualities of a teacher
  • Principles of demonstrating, observation, assisting, correcting.
  • Use of voice in class
  • Mental & emotional preparation for teaching.
  • Class preparation
  • Step by step class structure planning.
Assessments are based on:
Students will take turns practicing their teaching skills by performing in front of their peers and teachers.
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Behavior

Adi Yogpeeth : Yoga Teacher Training Dates & Pricing


  • 5:00AM--Morning Bell
  • 6:30AM--Pranayama
  • 7:45AM--Hatha yoga
  • 9:15AM--Breakfast
  • 10:15AM--Alignment, adjustment, methodology
  • 11:15 AM--Yoga Philosophy
  • 12:15PM--Yoga anatomy
  • 1:20PM--Lunch
  • 4:30PM--Ashtanga yoga
  • 6:15PM--Meditation
  • 7:15PM--Dinner
  • 9:00PM--Lights Off
100 Hour YTTC Course dates 2019
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Jan 2019 ------12 Jan 2019-----Graduated-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Feb 2019 ------12 Feb 2019-----Graduated-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Mar 2019 ------12 Mar 2019-----Graduated-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Apr 2019 ------12 Apr 2019-----Graduated-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 May 2019 ------12 May 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Jun 2019 ------12 Jun 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Jul 2019 ------12 Jul 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Aug 2019 ------12 Aug 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Sep 2019 ------12 Sep 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Oct 2019 ------12 Oct 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Nov 2019 ------12 Nov 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course-----02 Dec 2019 ------12 Dec 2019-----Seat Available-----Fee 600USD
Note:Private Accommodation $100 USD Extra

Include or Exclude?

  • 11 Nights Twin Shared Accommodation
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and tea
  • Weekend excursions
  • Yoga Material
  • One the Himalayas Sunrise trip
  • Ayurvedic massage.
  • Free taxi-pickup from (DED) Dehradun airport.
  • Airfare
  • Private Accommodation
  • Air-conditioner

Training Hours