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Adi Yogpeeth : Yoga Teacher Training School

Rishikesh has always been regarded as the ancient seat of yoga and meditation practice throughout eons of time. For hundreds and thousands of years, Rishikesh has inspired countless yogis and sadhus who have actively tried to work on their spiritual ascension. It is therefore no wonder that Rishikesh has always been considered the Adi Yogpeeth.


Here at Adi Yogpeeth Yoga, our vision is:

To assist people in their spiritual quest and help them to learn about the holistic living principles that are embedded within the ancient lessons of yoga and meditation. This can make it possible for them to use this eternal wisdom to transform their lives for the better.
To function as an important center of yoga and meditation and work on modern scientific research and study of yoga, meditation and healing;
To actively promote sustainable lifestyles and community development based on diverse holistic guidelines as well as the ancient principles of yoga.


Since the foundation of Adi Yogpeeth, we have been thoroughly dedicated to spread the awareness of living holistically according to the ancient Vedic wisdom which can be accomplished by actively practicing Yoga asana and meditation and working on the healing properties of Ayurveda. Yoga and meditation can serve as an excellent way of healing the body and mind that in turn can remove stress and other health problems. Practicing yoga can also help in increasing spiritual awareness of people and assist in human evolution. While stress can lead to different kinds of physical, emotional and mental health problems, yoga and meditation can give rise to total healing from the inside which can lead to a better quality of life.

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We Provide Best Facilities in Yogic World

Here at Adi Yogpeeth, we maintain professional connections with numerous budget hotels as well as ashrams that we can use to accommodate our students as they come from different parts of the world as well as from India. We already have got more than hundred rooms that are further equipped with attached bathrooms and 24/7 water supply.

All the bathrooms have the added advantage of hot water supply during the mornings and evenings. Our accommodations are located close to Adi Yogpeeth which means that students can come down at our yoga center within a short time. Our in-house ayurvedic treatment center offers the best of holistic health counseling solutions based on individual health conditions. We also present rejuvenation solutions through Panchkarma and provide with herbal cure for different types of chronic diseases.

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